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Written by shiggy   
Tuesday, 25 May 2010 10:39

Kenda Excavator I received a pair of the 2.10 versions a couple of years ago and liked the ride. I now have a complete size run--1.95, 2.10, and 2.35--of the folding bead version ExCavators for more extended testing. Eric Carter chose a variation of the long-proven square block tread arranged in the versatile alternating row pattern. The wide center knobs create a paddle for good drive and braking traction with the leading edges slightly ramped to improve the rolling resistance a bit. The row of transition knobs is fully offset (centered between) from the center and edge tread. Better for roll-the-tire-into-the-lean riding styles than the Nevegal, and it works on a wider range of rim widths. It you want the gap-row tread for throw-the-bike riding style the tire can be grooved, and Carter gives his tread modification tips on the Kenda Tech blog.

The large tread blocks do add weight and the Excavators have a claimed weight even higher than the Nevegal. Plus my samples of the smaller tires came in above the published range. I still consider this a small price for the overall grip and tread durability.

In this day and age, why would you want a 1.95 tire? In the case of the ExCavator, weight, except that one of the 2.10 tires is lighter than either of the 1.95s. Surprisingly, the smallest version has basically the same casing volume as the 2.10 tire. The tread blocks are slightly smaller with more space between them. A possible advantage in looser/chunkier conditions. The tires are not mislabeled as the molded in marking are correct. The 2.35 is typically huge in volume and tread width. Future ride reports to follow.

More pics and brief specs below.

kenda excavatorkenda excavator
Brief Specs 
   Tube Type Stated Size  Tread Width Casing Width Casing ht Volume Index Claimed Weight Actual Weights No. Weighed Bead Type TPI


 ExCavator TT 26 x 1.95 50 - 559 53.1 / 2.09 52.6 / 2.07 50.3 26.5 545 (+-30g) 641 / 642 2 folding 120
KendaExCavatorTT26 x 2.1054 - 55954.0 / 2.1351.3 / 2.0349.525.5609 (+-32g)625 / 633 / 654 / 6614folding120
 Kenda ExCavator TT 26 x 2.35 58 - 559 61.9 / 2.44 56.1 / 2.21 52.4 29.4 735 (+-35g) 749 / 753 2 folding120 


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